Margo Passadore

Taking the stress out of getting dressed

As a personal stylist, I hear from women and men all the time who struggle with creating a wardrobe they enjoy, or even with picking out the right items for a vacation or big event.

Let me help you go from frustrated to fabulous. It is inspiring to help my clients feel their best. It’s all about finding confidence and letting it shine.

My styling services are perfect for anyone who has experienced big changes in life. Whether that change is a new job, a change in relationship status, or entering a new life phase, a wardrobe refresh can give you an extra dose of confidence. This is also a great service for anyone looking forward to a big event or vacation. Together, we can find something special to mark the occasion.

The process is a team approach. Together, we will evaluate your existing wardrobe, finding the pieces that flatter your figure and match your personal style. Based on your body type, lifestyle and budget, I will help you create a wardrobe that makes you feel incredible every single day.

You’ll also learn the best styling tricks. This will make dressing with confidence second nature, and save you money by teaching you to avoid pieces that don’t work for you.

With over a decade of expertise in fashion, accessories, and interior design, I know how to work with a variety of tastes and budgets to help you find and maintain your personal style.

Go from frustrated to fashionable by contacting Margo today.
Phone: (503) 539-0667
Email: margo@mpstylist.com