Find new confidence

Margo has made a huge impact on my life!


I struggled for a long time with my wardrobe and reached a point where I completely lost my desire to go shopping, especially after turning 50 a few years ago.


Every time I would make a purchase I would regret it, I had no idea what styles looked good on me and I did not know how to put a complete outfit together.


Nothing seemed to fit quite right and it was becoming a daily struggle to figure out what I was going to wear to work or even out to dinner and a show.


Margo answered all of my questions and more.


After a closet evaluation and an incredibly productive power shopping trip, I essentially had a new wardrobe!


We had another follow up consultation so she could help me put together all of these new pieces and educate me on what other items I could use to further round out my wardrobe.

Find new confidence

I now know what styles are best for my body type, what stores to go to, and, best of all I have a new found confidence when I go to work or out on the weekend. Plus I am enjoying shopping again!


I would also like to mention that I am a very very cost-conscious person, and I feel strongly that by hiring Margo I have actually saved quite a bit of money.


She found some amazing bargains on our shopping trip and she also taught me a lot that I can use going forward.


Margo has a kind, generous, positive spirit and and her teaching skills are top notch. I have been astounded at all of the compliments I have been receiving – sometimes from complete strangers!


I wish I would have found her years ago.”

-Julie from Portland

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