Save time and money

“I would highly recommend Margo to anyone looking for help with their wardrobe!


I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for the past 7.5 years and am ready to get back into the workforce.


I needed some key pieces that I could wear to interviews and a new job. I had a limited budget and no clue where to start.


Shopping with Margo was easy and so much fun! In two hours, we had selected eight pieces that all went together, giving me over 24 different outfits that all fit and look great together.

Save time and money

Having the right combination of pieces has relieved a lot of stress when I need to put an outfit together for an interview.


She saved me a lot of time and money, too. If I would have shopped by myself, I would have bought things that would stay in the closet, or bought something that only went with one or two things.


Margo stayed within my budget, helped me define my new professional style and gave me some great pointers of things to buy when I can buy new pieces.


She’s super to work with and I couldn’t have been happier!”

-Kathy from Portland

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